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Hello writing gods and goddesses!  My Fallen Angel Fan Page is now OFFICIAL thanks to all of you who "Liked" it.  THANK YOU!  As promised I am starting the NAME THAT CHARACTER Contest.  So all you awesome book lovers and smart creative thinkers put your character hats on and get ready.

There's a character in my book whose name I am not too keen on and whose birthplace I haven't figured out yet, so I've decided to throw it open to you guys, and the reward is a prize (as well as knowing you are good at naming characters and choosing birthplaces). Yippee!

I will use the winning name and birthplace in Fallen Angel: Angel of Death.

Here's the character:

Name - (for you to know and me to find out)
Birthdate: November 11, 1811  (He's a Scorpio)
Birth place: (for you to know and me to find out)

Occupation: Religious Vampire Cult Leader (formerly a traveling minister who roamed the southern states and was transformed by a solitary vampire for companionship in 1867) - Leader of the Sons of the Sleeping Savior, a vampire cult that believes they are the true sons of God and that Christ is actually a sleeping vampire who will rise again and bring vampires into their true place as lords over the human race.

Appearance - Age 56; tall, thin and square shouldered; very stiff and upright; dark. fine shoulder-length wavy hair with gray streaks that he often ties back; gray eyes that are deep-set and piercing (when he's angry his gray irises get red flecks in them and a ring of red appears around the edge); slightly hollow cheeks and a hawkish nose (he definitely looks like someone who traveled, lived off the land and didn't get to eat a whole lot); has a hungry look and it is definitely a predatory one.

Personality Characteristics:  Ultra religious in his twisted cult way; rules his self-transformed congregation with an iron will; is a powerful and dynamic speaker; his followers are equally in awe and afraid of him; he likes the ladies and has several blood-bound vampire wives as well as some captive human "feeder whores"as he likes to call them; he is the only one in the congregation allowed to consume human or vampire blood, and everyone else must eat by taking daily "sacrements" of sheep's blood.

Goals: Kidnap (he calls it choosing) and transform religious figures he believes worth of "the redemption" (vampire transformation) in his current location. His ultimate goal is to set up a network of cities with a religious vampire subculture in place and ready to take over "the flocks" of unsuspecting humans.

Here are the rules of the contest:

1. Follow this blog
2. Come up with a first, middle and last name and a birth place for this character (keeping in mind the date he was born - so don't choose a 1980's name or a birth place that didn't exist yet unless you choose to create a made up birth place in one of the states of that time). Are you guys starting to be glad that you had to learn some US history?
3. In a comment to this post give the name and birth place and explain why you chose them. It doesn't have to be a long explanation.  I just want to know.
4. Put your email address at the bottom of your comment so I can contact you if you are the winner.
5. If you are under 13 please have your parent submit your entry for you.

How the winner will be chosen:

All entries will be read and voted on my myself and my two beta readers.  The entry with the most votes wins.  

Deadline to enter is March 11th, 2011 and I will announce the winner of the contest on March 15th, 2011 on this blog and will email the winner.  AND you get to pick your prize from the ones below!

Door Number 1 
Personal Journal & Book Bag
  Door Number 2  
Handmade Runes by Karina Young
Door Number 3
Labyrinth Meditation Set



  1. Name: Simon Alfred Baker

    Born: Milledgeville, GA (was the capitol or GA twice)

    I just google what cities were around then, and I love GA, so that HAD to be where he was born.

    Then the name just came to me, and Simon was a popular name back then and so was Alfred :)

  2. Name: Javan Elisha Trowbridge

    (Javan means deceiver)

    Born: Richmond, VA

  3. Name: David Michael Bishop

    Born: Hallowell, Maine

    I just feel a religious zealot would come from a state where witch burning was prevalent, His name has names from the bible because his parents raised him to be overly conscious of religion & maybe warped him a little.

    cindymac52 (at) copper (dot) net

  4. Name: Clark John Williams

    City: Kingston, Tennessee

    My sons first/middle name is Clark William, so naturally I was drawn to that. John is my grandpa's name. As for the city, I was born in Kingsville, TX but Texas wasn't even a state then, so I went with Kingston. There is also a Clarksville Tennessee, but you might think a character named Clark from Clarksville is a bit much ;)

  5. Charles Philippe Dupris, born in Augusta, Georgia. I'm channelling a real French planter flavour to his heritage, a little sprinkling of aristocrat and noblesse oblige that makes him feel very "entitled."
    Heather merlinwrites (at) msn (dot) com

  6. Benjamin Isaac Thompson
    City: Baltimore, Maryland
    My email:

    Well, I always love the name Benjamin, for me it's so serious but in the same time, brings respect. Isaac Thompson looks stronger, powerful.
    Baltimore, well, in my country - Brazil, btw haha- we studied a little bit of this city and I liked so much!

    And sorry my bad english, haha I tried!

  7. Name: Sebastian Emmanuel Warren. Birth place: Salem, Massachusetts. Email:

    This is going to be short as I am. On my iPhone in a bumpy car ride. The name is chosen as Sebastian means venerable which means commanding respect and dignity. This belief is known in the catholic and christian church. Emmanuel Means god is with us and finally Warren (which was very common in Salem, mass means guard. Guard is very strong and protective sounding. As for Salem, mass let's go back to 1692 the witch trials. The puritans were extremely wrong on religious ways. Christianity and catholic. It would be interesting to have him from that background. The hysteria of magic could be like a foreshadow.


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