Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vickie Van Helsing Kicks Vampire Butt!

Vickie Van Helsing
by Solomon J. Inkwell

Let me start by saying this NOT a shiny shimmery vampire novel. Oh no. The vampires are REAL SCARY vampires. The main characters, Vickie (who finds out she's the descendent of Abraham Van Helsing), her crush Rob, and her horror-geek friend Kyle are easy to get behind and cheer on at every turn as they battle THE Dracula and his newly created band of vampires. The story flows well and is very engaging, so engaging that I stayed up until 3AM one night to finish. I just couldn't stop.

Vickie Van Helsing is YA Horror with a great mix of snark and scary, lots of action, surprises, and interesting twists. The pace is lively and keeps you moving from one horror-filled situation to the next, and it's well balanced with some comedy and a little bit of romance. I loved Dracula in this book. He was so BAD, but you couldn't quite hate him.

This is an excellent debut novel—totally worth the read. I believe we'll be seeing a lot more of Solomon J. Inkwell and Vickie Van Helsing.

Oh, and for a special tricky treat you can download ebook for only 99 cents through Halloween!

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