Friday, November 22, 2013

Flash 500 - Day 3: The Canvas

Flash 500 Day 3 – Writing Prompts:

Plastic Surgeon

The Canvas

Dr. Leonard stared at his basement wall trying to decide what to do next. He knew he should have been happy with being good at his job, but it hadn’t satisfied him. People in his position had more opportunities than most, and he had to admit he enjoyed being rich, popular, and well respected. He could smooth lines, tighten saggy necks and reshape noses with incredible artistic skill, and there were dozens and dozens of faces on television and in the movies that bore evidence of his talent with a scalpel. The richest and most influential people in the country were begging for appointments and he was booked over a year in advance.

But it wasn’t enough.

There was always something missing, something that made him restless. So restless that he had decided he had to find a new outlet for his artistic talents. And it was to that end he found himself sitting here in his basement, twirling his scalpel between his thumb and forefingers while Apocalyptica Plays Metallica filled the room at full volume, staring at the wall, trying to decide which direction to take with the newest canvas.

This one was an exceptional canvas of near perfect symmetrical beauty—at least in the traditional sense. Eyes the color of the sky framed with a thick fringe of lashes. Eyebrows perfectly arched, mouth with just the right plumpness.  Her hairline was not too high or too low and her ears were perfectly aligned and tucked neatly against her head. The rest of her body was equally proportioned with all the right curves in all the right places, and not a speck of cellulite to be found anywhere.  

But this was traditional beauty. BORING. Beauty has always been rumored to be in the eye of the beholder and Dr. Leonard agreed with the old cliché. He looked at traditional beauty all day long, made it happen for people who were convinced they weren’t perfect enough. But there was also beauty to be found in the truth that existed behind the façade one presents to the world.

He liked the idea of exposing the true nature of each canvas. It filled some part of him that he could access in no other way. As he gazed at this one he contemplated the many options before him. She was probably the most perfect canvas he’d ever found. They were so rare that he didn’t want to leap in too quickly. It was important that he take his time and get this right.

There was so much more that she could be. And it was his job to bring out the truth of her. 

Dr. Leonard leaned back and cocked his head to the right. Suddenly he could see it. It was there all along. He had just needed to wait until he could see it. Transferring the scalpel to his left hand he stood up, switched the music to German Pop, and took a long pull from his designer beer. Taking a deep breath he released a satisfied sigh, smiled to himself and started across the room.

Time to make some art. 

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