Sunday, November 24, 2013

Flash 500 - Day 5: Desert Sunrise

Flash 500 Day 5 – Writing Prompts:

Person who asks what nobody ever asks
*This was an attempt to tell a story with nothing but dialogue between four people.

Desert Sunrise

“I can’t walk any further. It’s too hot, and I'm thirsty.”

“Stop your bitchin’ and keep movin’.”

“I mean it. I can’t go any further. We have to stop and rest. My eyes hurt so much from the glare that everything is hazy.”

“I wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes out either, guys.”

“Jesus! I’m surrounded by sad little whiners. Waaaa. Barbara can’t go any further, and I’m tired too. I have to rest my delicate little feet. Maybe Terry and I should just leave you both.”

“You would say something mean like that, Art. I always knew you were a jerk. The fact is we’re a long way from where we need to be, and WE are in heels. WE need a break.”

“Hey! Didn’t I just tell you all to stop bitchin’ and keep movin’? Before you know it the sun will start to go down, and you’ll be complainin’ you’re cold. Better sore feet than frostbite.”

“That’s ridiculous. We’ve only been walking for a couple of hours. Besides, Julie and I wouldn' have sore feet or be whining if it weren’t for you, Terry. Mr. Survivor . . .

“Ladies, I may be the one who forgot an extra gas can, but I’m not the one who got the truck caught up on a boulder and flipped the whole dang mess. I told Art it was too tall to go over, even with 4WD!”

"Terry you’re a dick. I didn't do it on purpose."

“Ow! Well now I’m screwed. I’m sure the ground is too hot to walk on barefoot, and I just lost the heel off of my favorite pair of Choos!  Do you have any idea how much Choos cost, not to mention the fact that my brand new Guess top is now caked in blood? Grr!“

“Don’t know, don’t care. And by the way, what idiot wears heels on a trip to the desert?“

“An Idiot who thought she was on an early morning date to enjoy a beautiful romantic desert sunrise, not a rough terrain Baja blast, you asshole. I don’t know about Julie, but I don’t plan on making that mistake again . . . jerk.”

“That’s it. I’m stoppin’. Rest your stupid feet and let them freeze off later, for all I care.”

“Oh, so now you’re joining the whine party? Let me get you all some cheese to go with that.”

“Oh wow. That was so clever, Art.  Where did you go to college? Cliché U?”

“At least I went to college, Barbie baby. About the only thing that brain cell and your deceivingly hot body ever got you was a job as a pole dancer.”

“You ass!  I’m saving money for cooking school. At least I HAVE a plan. You have a degree in engineering, and you work at Target. I guess it’s no surprise, though. You can’t even engineer us out of this mess . . . ”

“Oh god, I wish I’d brought my gun, so I could’ve put all of ya'll out of my misery!”

“Me too! I think I’d rather blow my own brains out than spend another minute with this asshole Target engineer!”


“WHAT, Julie!?”

“Has anyone else even noticed that we’re all dead?”

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