Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Eleven things I learned from watching K-dramas

If you've ever watched K-dramas you've probably already discovered that the are both addicting and somewhat predictable. 

Dal Po giving drunk In Ha a piggyback in Pinocchio.

Here are eleven things I learned from watching K-dramas:

1. If you get even the tiniest scratch you will require major first aid, and you may still need to be transported to the hospital.

2. No matter how healthy you are, if you get caught in the rain you will probably develop an instant fever and be incoherent for at least five hours. When you wake up you'll be fine.

3. When you are angry you should get in the car and drive recklessly and fast while scowling and refusing to answer the phone that sits in the console tray buzzing constantly.

4. Rich young men, at the ripe old age of fifteen, should be sent to live alone and unsupervised while studying abroad in the US, in places like Malibu or NYC.

5. If you are a man, when you eat you should take large mouthfuls and talk with your mouth open, especially if there is a heated discussion.

6. There is always a beloved ex-girlfriend, or a new girl ten times hotter than you, who wants the guy you desperately want.

7. If you're just a really nice guy, you can give up any hope of being more than "just friends" with your love interest.

8. If you're a woman, it's a good idea to invest in wrist guards for when your love interest, in a fit of self-righteous anger or jealousy, grabs you by the wrist to drag you away. You can always bling them out so they look like exotic jewelry.

9. No matter how many bottles of soju you drink, or how sick you feel the next morning, one bite of hangover stew instantly makes you feel perfectly fine. 

10. You should keep your weight down, because if you get drunk or hurt, someone is going to have to piggyback you long distances to your house or the hospital while cabs pass by on the street.

11. If you get drunk you are almost 100% certain to throw up all over the person you like the most and want to impress. You'll leave a lasting impression.


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