Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fallen Angel in 2011

It's been 2011 for a whole hour now and I'm not even sleepy.  Getting this little e-zine started so that I can share with everyone about the progress of Angel of Death, Book One of the Fallen Angel of West Texas Vampire series.

There's just not a whole lot to do out there on Panhandle South Plains, so mischief does occur on a regular basis.  And when you mix good and evil together you are bound to have some interesting results.

Angel of Death is about two Lubbock High School students, Kellan Kinley and Hutton Armstrong, who find themselves faced with a life of immortality as half-vampires.  As if that weren't enough to overcome Kell accidentally traps an Angel of Death inside him, and the angel, Shia, has no intention of hanging around in the background.

Shia has given Kell fair warning, merge or be lost.  But Kell doesn't have a clue how to make the merge happen and Shia isn't helping.  Hutton wants to help but has her own issues trying to learn how to control her own newfound bloodlust.  Plus she is still grieving the loss of her boyfriend Evan who disappeared mysteriously with his family the previous year.

And Evan's family isn't the only family to suddenly vanish.  Families with church ties are disappearing in the small city of Lubbock Texas on a regular basis, leaving behind evidence of bloody mayhem.  Time for the merge between Kell and Shia is running out, and only Hutton can help save him from an eternity in darkness while Shia inhabits his immortal body.  That is, if he can unravel the mystery behind the disappearances and save her in time.

So, that's it. Book One of the Fallen Angel of West Texas Vampire Series.  I will be looking for some beta readers, so if you are into the YA angel/vampire kind of genre, think about it.  I will also be doing some fun things like contests and giveaways.  Fun stuff is always good and is a great way to start the year off right.

Happy New Year everyone!

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