Saturday, January 1, 2011

What do you like to write?

I've learned that writing and getting published isn't impossible and it isn't only for "special people."
You don't have to be a certain age or have a special degree to write a short story, novella or even a full length novel.  You can write something great even if you are still in middle or high school.

Becoming a published writer requires a willingness to write, rewrite, take direction and accept criticism without getting bent, rewriting again, and polishing like crazy.  It also helps if you take a little time to learn what makes a short story, novel or the kind of writing you are doing, good.  And using your grammar and spelling checker tool is always a great idea.

For years I wanted to be a published writer but it wasn't until I stopped wishing and started writing that things began to happen.  I published a few articles about childbirth, and later published a series of articles about crystals and stones online.  

A few years ago I decided to write a book about making things happen by focusing your intention and using crafts.  The result was a book called Crafting a Magical Life, which was published by Findhorn Press in 2009.  I took one of my author's copies and autographed it to myself.   I wrote:

"Dear Self,
See what you can do when you put your mind to it?  Job well done!"

That may sound corny but I am glad I did it because it is a reminder to me that if I am willing to work on something and focus my attention on it I can make it happen.  Now I can legitimately call myself a published author.  

I've wanted to write fantasy for years and now I am working on my first YA fiction novel, Angel of Death.  I have every faith that by researching and taking the steps to build a good story line I can complete a well written YA novel that I can pitch to a literary agent.

I absolutely believe you can do the same thing if you are willing to focus your time and energy on your dream.  What kind of writing do you like to do?   Do you have a story in your head that needs to be told?   Are there characters you have developed that you want to put into play? Please feel free to post comments about your writing interests and desires.  By voicing them you give them life.

If you are trying to figure out how to plan a story line I suggest you check out two books by Blake Snyder, Save the Cat and Save the Cat Goes to the Movies.  Both are about Screenwriting but they are very appropriate to good novel writing as well.

Until next time ...
Happy New Year 
and Happy Writing!

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