Friday, February 7, 2014

EXILE, TEXAS optioned for film.

Rachel's novel EXILE, TEXAS (published in 2003, as Roxanne Longstreet Conrad) has recently been optioned for film, and Rachel co-wrote the script with her friend, actor Glenn Rogers. There's an IMDB listing here, and we'll give you more EXILE news as it becomes available.

Want to grab copies of the original printing? They're still available through Barnes & Noble Marketplace, but they'll go fast!

About EXILE:

Deputy Dan Fox has moved to the small Texas town of Exile to escape an unhappy past, and now his worst problem seems to be boredom, and a dead-end job ... at least until the beautiful, angry Meg Leary speeds into town. Meg's come back to solve her mother's long-ago murder, but since everyone believes she was the killer, she's not exactly welcome in town. Her investigation will stir up ghosts of old crimes, and lead to new bloody murder. It'll take both Dan and Meg to bring justice to this town--if they can survive to see it done.


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